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Our range of products are wooden floorings, synthetic floorings and Vinyl floorings etc, Outstanding ball bounce. Wide color selection.

Who we are

L-Mac Pave for Synthetic Surface/sports equipment’s

L-Mac Pave, the professionals in offering a wide range of acrylic, PU, PVC sports surfacing systems and surface preparation products.  L-Mac Pave Sport Surfacing Systems are 100% premium product   suitable on all-weather conditions for indoor or outdoor application. They are ideal for Badminton, Tennis courts, Skating, Athletic tracks, Basketball , volley ball court and other multipurpose sports surfaces.

L-Mac Pave surfaces are available in full range of standard and custom colors perfect for sport and walkway applications.  Minimal maintenance costs make it very economical and all of our surfaces are 100% environmentally friendly.

L-Mac Pave offers a superior range of Synthetic Surface to our clients in various color combinations and sizes. These are fabricated from quality tested materials in compliance with the quality norms. Our range is finely finished, well-polished and durable. It is capable to resist weather and is heat resistance.

L-Mac Pave has become popular among our clients by offering a wide range of Badminton, Tennis ,Basketball ,volleyball and other Multi-purpose court in different sizes and specifications. Constructed using premium quality materials, our collection meets varied quality standards. These are widely recognized for their excellent slip resistance, weather resistance and longer working life.


  • Excellent slip resistance, weather resistance for safety
  • Outstanding shock absorption and resilience
  • Its hygienic and antibacterial properties with Eco-friendly components
  • Never needs sanding or refinishing
  • Low cost  with ease of maintenance
  • Withstand heavy wear and tear with little impact on their appearance
  • Recognized value  & Fabulous appearance 
  • Ease of application with durability
  • Seamless flooring potential and longer working life

L-Mac Pave for Wooden Flooring

L-Mac Pave, Wooden Flooring’s are Air Cushion flooring which are much superior to conventional wooden sports flooring which have resistance towards moisture, dampness and termites and it requires very low maintenance. This kind of flooring can be used in any Competitive indoors sports floor where shock absorption, elasticity and sliding properties are key parameters for enhancing performance of sports persons. Wooden surface layer provides anti- microbial properties for maintaining hygienic playing conditions.


Air Cushion flooring’s are accurately designed in such a way to keep the knees, feet, chin and the ankles of the players safe while playing. The flooring tiles are made of imported Maple / White Oak Logs with internationally recognized / accepted by respective sports governing bodies and is selected for better resistance, durability and high resistance to wear and tear. The highly protective coatings are resistance towards scratches and stains, which reduces the risk of friction burns and ensure easy maintenance.


Unique Features

  • Low cost of maintenance, as it requires only detergent and water to clean up. It does not require regular finishing as well as polishing year by year making the product totally maintenance cost free.
  • Permanent fungicidal and bacteriostatic treatment that inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Good resistance to humidity also Water-resistant with closed cell forum that does not absorb water, no effect from water spillage, roof leaks.
  • Quick and easy repair i.e., very durable.
  • An even surface and correct light reflectance.
  • Better elasticity to enable energy restitution for players to jump and leap further.
  • Good vibration absorption and fire retardant.

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